REVIEW: Chain D.L.K. 26.09.2022

The latest album release from STAHLSCHLAG -A Zone of Silence- got reviewed by Chain D.L.K. The largest online music magazine for electronic, industrial, ambient, experimental. It is a great honour to be mentioned with our collaboration song -Doomed-.

"First audio sign before the release of this album was a collaboration track with the young German female Industrial-/Noise-artist Ultra. The track “Doomed” with the hypnotically vocal performance of Lena Heiler (Ultra) reminds a bit on some PAL works (“Gelöbnis”) and Lena in this hypnotic, monotonous vocal style qoutes on phrases of Robert Falles, but the difference is, that her voice content wasn't sampled. “Doomed” has been released via Bandcamp in July 2022 and thanks to Lena's input and help into this fruitful cooperation also a video clip can be found on YouTube."

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