-Eskal- reached the semi finals in SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest 2022 

My video for the song -Eskal- has been picked as a semi-finalist in SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest 2022. Even though I didn't win in the category best music video, it is a great honour to be selected as semi-finalist.

"Congratulations, my superhero, you are an official SEMI-FINALIST of our 2022 SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest! We are so very pleased you are our latest Sensei Master out of so many other contenders from around the world!!"

大西隆弘 Kobi (Takahiro) Onishi 

Director SENSEI Tokyo FilmFest 2022

Collaboration with STAHLSCHLAG 

Have a pre-release look at my collab song with STAHLSCHLAG. It will be officially released in August. During Sebastians DJ Set on the weekend, for E.O.B PRESENTS: THE WYLD FERAL HEARTS FESTIVAL, he performed, besides well known STAHLSCHLAG songs, some new songs of his upcoming Album, incl. our song -Doomed-. Check it out and enjoy 1 hour of finest music.

Guest appearance in music video A-X-AMUN - SDS (HOCICO REMIX) (lyrics video) 

It was a pleasure for me to shoot for my guest appearance in the latest lyrics video by A-X-AMUN with the title SDS. The Band started in 2016 and was established by the composer and singer/songwriter Khalid. Electronic music with Oriental Elements such as Oud other Egyptian Instruments. This video is made for the stunning remix from Hocico. Words taken from band's label Danse Macabre.

Corvus Malum startet off the set with -Blanc Noir (Disco Version)- 

Yesterday DJ Corvus Malum startet off the set with my song -Blanc Noir (Disco Version)-. Thanks for that. The song is the dancable version of my very first song I've ever produced. In a phase of mourning about my brothers death I was calming myself down with playing the c string on my cello. I added electronic elements. This song I brought to my brothers ash in Iceland. This is the origin of Ultra. Remeber to check out the twitch channel for finest electronic beats by @listentoDOGA and @CorvusMalum

corvus malum