Vibrations evolve into movements. Droning basslines intertwine with gritty and distorted sounds, layer upon layer, and pile up to merge into a homogenous whole.  
These soundscapes, at times endowed with spoken word, guide the listener into disturbance and destruction – brutal sonic avalanches that culminate in climaxes of sheer escalation. Synthetic sounds are forged into danceable Rhythm 'n' Noise. Ultra is flexible. Ultra is destined to be danceable. Movement is Das Ultra.


“The music project Ultra formed while I was in grief over the loss of my brother, who passed away without warning in 2016. An abyss opened up and I found myself staring into it, unable to speak. With tears in my eyes I took my cello and started bowing the low C string. The vibrations resonated with my body and had a calming effect. It helped me objectify my grief, so I added more sounds and instruments. In 2019, after several years of mourning, this process finally made me able to channel my pain and set motion to the muteness within me.”  

You can find the resulting song on the LP Eins in a danceable disco version.

"Undazzled by modern conventions and restrictions, Das Ultra delivers raw and merciless Rhythm'noise with a certain "Haus Arafna" vibe."

2̵n̵d̵ ̵f̷a̶c̴e̷ (2021)