Vibrations evolve into movements. Droning basslines intertwine with gritty and distorted sounds, layer upon layer, and pile up to merge into a homogenous whole. 
These soundscapes, at times endowed with spoken word, guide the listener into disturbance and destruction – brutal sonic avalanches that culminate in climaxes of sheer escalation. Synthetic sounds are forged into danceable Rhythm 'n' Noise. Ultra is flexible. Ultra is destined to be danceable. Movement is Das Ultra.



Out now. The CD comes in a paperback. While the cover artwork is martial and black on the outside, its insides are skin-colored and seem almost fragile: a total disclosure of the heartstrings. Photography by Jenny Bewer Artwork by Boris Kater Design


LP Zwei

Summer 2023. The second album Ultra /'ʌltrə/ Zwei (German for “two”) is released. It features dancable gloomy synthesizer. Distorted and destroyed.

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Photography: Jenny Bewer

Artwork: Boris Kater

debut single Rule